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Productivity in our schools: Introduction

Productivity in our Schools: Mental Health Analysis

 Though each of the factors do have some recognized effect on a student's ability to be productive, the results from my survey and interviews overwhelmingly indicated that mental health is seen to be one of the largest factors inhibiting productivity in our school.   Mental health is also one of the most nuanced and connected factors that I am analyzing in this project.  This is because the correlation between mental health and the other factors can make differentiation difficult.  For example, if a student has a difficult and unsupportive home life, then it is unlikely that their mental health will be in a good state.  Inversely, if they have an educational disability, such as ADHD, it is more likely that they will be affected by situational factors.  Especially if they are not diagnosed and haven't developed effective coping skills.  Additionally, students with mental health disorders that reduce motivation, such as depression, will have much more trouble being motivated in a

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